About Duston Care

Students Writing on Board

Duston Care is an independent accommodation service for young people 16+ where we assist with essential skills that are necessary for independent living, to aid them from their current situation. We believe that Every Child Matters, thus Duston Care commits to every young person in supporting them in attaining their brightest future, whilst preparing them for adult life. 

Our support is for all young people who are struggling in their young lives and who may have difficult behaviours, both at home and in society. We work alongside local authorities and a fantastic well-trained team to give the possible help and guidance for young people.

 We are dedicated to ensuring equal opportunities, anti-discrimination and anti-racism and draw the attention of the staff and the young people, families and referring authorities to our equal opportunities policy and procedures.

Our Team

Team work

Duston care employs a team of trained and dedicated carers who support the young people in our 16 plus service to develop the practical and emotional skills required to live independently and reach their potential Staff on site 24 hours a day. Our staff focuses on the young person strengths rather than simply identifying difficulties, Duston Care aims to enable its service users to realise their full potential and, as far as possible, to fully integrate into their communities and to lead full and active lives

We understand that a history of constant moving, poor care and history of abuse can hamper a young person's ability to succeed and possibly result in a disruptive, unstable and even criminal activity. We also understand because of these behaviours it is often difficult to suitably place young people in a placement which meets their needs. 

Every individual we take care of, we consider each young person's individual needs to make sure we offer the best possible care and achieve the correct placement. Duston Care placements will have a great understanding of the “Every Child Matters” agenda, the Children Act 1989 section 20 and 31 and the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000. Equipped with the principles of these key pieces of legislation, our slogan of 
Supporting with Care, inclusion, choice and Compassion!