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All young persons have the right to complain about the service or staff. There are no restrictions upon issues for complaint and we guarantee that no reprisal will be taken against anyone who complains. As detailed in our Complaints and Compliments Policy, our complaints procedure allows for both informal and formal resolution of complaints and all Young person are supported to follow the procedure when making a complaint. The stages and process of making a complaint, as detailed in our policy, give the complainant enough opportunity and information to discuss the matter with members of the team, up to the manager and the expected response times and methods. If the complainant remains dissatisfied, they can contact the Commission for Social Care Inspection, the body responsible for the monitoring of our service, whose decision we will accept and implement. A written record of all complaints will be kept, including all outcomes.



We openly welcome all compliments received for staff and the service and ensure they are passed on and recorded as outlined in our policy. Our staff love hearing how people are enjoying their care and any form of a good word can brighten up their day.